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Leeds City Council were keen to have more local autonomy: “The Council would welcome more control, such as the ability to control numbers in a given area, for example in the same way as cumulative impact areas work for the Licensing Act 2003 This would prevent the proliferation of any single type of gambling premises in an area—such as betting shops, AGCs or bingo halls, which not only have an impact on the local high street but also seem to accumulate in deprived areas. The Council would also welcome the ability to incorporate local conditions and requirements into the Statement of Licensing Policy to control matters such as single staffing, window displays, visibility of gaming and gambling machines, etc. to promote the protection of children and vulnerable people.”

Gerald Gouriet QC expressed similar views: “It is something of a myth that giving the licensing function to local authorities has resulted in ‘local licensing control’. The control that most licensing authorities would like to exercise is the refusal of a licence for a betting shop or adult gaming centre on the simple ground: “the local community doesn’t want it”. Licensing authorities do not have that power—although licensing justices under the repealed legislation did. Even if (as is frequently the case) substantial numbers of local people strongly object to the grant of a new licence for gambling premises on the perfectly rational ground that the high street already has enough of them and the local community doesn’t want any more, that is not a lawful ground for rejecting an application made in accordance with the 2005 Act.”292



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